Edi Rock faz parceria com Jorge Du Peixe

m dos convidados de Edi Rock – rapper paulistano do grupo Racionais MC s – é Jorge Du Peixe. O vocalista da banda Nação Zumbi é parceiro e convidado de Edi na música Vai. A faixa foi produzida por Pedro Penna, também creditado como autor da composição.

O álbum Origens parte – Ontem, hoje e amanhã chega ao mercado fonográfico com dois singles já postos em rotação. As músicas já previamente lançadas são Só Deus e Vidas negras – faixa gravada com produção musical de Anderson Franja e Sérgio Santos e lançada em junho, no rastro da comoção do Brasil pelo assassinato do adolescente João Pedro Mattos Pinto – , morto em casa, no Complexo do Salgueiro, com tiro disparado por policial.

Se o álbum original do ano passado foi pautado pela mistura do rap com vários gêneros musicais, o disco Origens parte – Ontem, hoje e amanhã vem sendo caracterizado como um retorno de Edi Rock ao universo mais tradicional do hip hop.

E a veveta?

Ivete se apresentará no primeiro fim de semana do evento, em de junho. Já Anitta é atração do segundo fim de semana, com show marcado para o dia de junho.

Vale lembrar que o Rock in Rio Lisboa, em Portugal, aconteceria nos dias , , e de junho deste ano, mas foi adiado para . Em um comunicado oficial, Roberta Medina, vice-presidente executiva do evento, falou sobre a decisão, devido à pandemia do novo coronavírus.

“Temos ao longo destes últimos dias estudado vários cenários que nos possibilitem continuar a levar a alegria às pessoas, criando momentos inesquecíveis. Das várias opções avaliadas, todas implicariam retomar as montagens da Cidade do Rock num momento que acreditamos ainda não ser favorável maio, pelo que tomámos a decisão de alterar as datas da ª edição do Rock in Rio Lisboa para os dias , e de junho de , com a certeza de que esta será uma edição ainda mais mágica e especial”, disse o aviso fixado em um vps windows no site da BH Servers.

Além desta edição em Lisboa, que foi adiada, o evento de música também acontecerá no Rio de Janeiro em . As datas divulgadas até o momento são , , e de setembro; , e de outubro, na Cidade do Rock.

child rock and John Daly advised to wear Masks At Presidential debate

youngster bedrock and John Daly notion they d be able to take up the Presidential debate mask-free and inside throwing distance from the date … until a staffer caught them.

The singer and PGA professional — who attended Thursday nighttime s adventure in Nashville to help president Trump — first took their seats sans masks. It didn t consume long unless each guys were approached through an employee working the experience who had sparkling masks for them both.

each John and youngster rock finally obliged, we gotta imagine they would ve been requested to go away in the event that they banned.

Daly s abridgement of caution in preserving himself from the sickness is a total a hundred and eighty from his attitude again in august back he withdrew from a PGA experience in San Francisco as a result of COVID.

on the time, Daly mentioned, individuals preserve asking why I WD from PGA??? California now # in casesdeaths, I had knee surgery, I’m a diabetic & I don’t think at ease flying. actuality too close adjacency to alike small crowds & chance publicity with my fitness not worth it! God Bess & y’all be secure!

As we stated, both admiral Trump and above VP Biden verified terrible for COVID- earlier than the controversy … so there changed into no need for a plexiglass barrier amid the two.

From barbarian Boys to shaggy to 24KGoldn, 19 Songs which have fabricated both billboard’s rock and Rap charts

back it comes to style airplay, rapbedrock or rapalt compounds were most frequently claimed by means of one structure or the other, with very few authoritative an have an effect on on each — and people that did always had a reduce beam on each structure, as a result of their amalgam nature. before , no track had even made the appropriate on both billboard s main bedrock and rap charts.

Per the October chart adjustments noted above, all of a music s airplay, sales and streams count for whichever multi-metric rating on which it seems, so a success that bridges, say, rap and rock would have all its account undertaking make a contribution towards both sizzling Rap Songs and sizzling bedrock & option Songs. in view that, and with style in less siloed in hit songs than earlier than, it be likely that,temper might be a part of a larger fashion of shared rapbedrock chart hits activity ahead.  mood is in fact the rare music appropriately ordinary on advance s rap and bedrock radio archive, accepting to date hit No. on each bedrock Airplay and Rap Airplay.

youngsters, even if or not it s been historically unusual for a tune to overlap on advance s bedrock and rap archive, it be still far from extraordinary. listed below are examples, in chronological adjustment, of songs to influence archive in each genres — together with each billboard s choice Airplay chart brought in as contemporary bedrock advance and hot bedrock & choice Songs blueprint added in as hot rock Songs.

Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & think about Dragons w good judgment & Ty Dolla $ign feat. X Ambassadors, accoutrement For pain

the entire most fulfilling New Pop track From This anniversary

This week in pop music saw the return of some principal artists which have becoming Uproxx’s most suitable new pop brand of approval. Billie Eilish shared a reflective tune, Sam smith affiliated with accompanist Burna Boy for a smooth distinct, and Jorja smith aggregate a poignant beef canticle.

Billie Eilish’s debut LP back all of us doze off the place will we Go? catapulted the younger accompanist into stardom. ever considering that the accompanist has been demography her contemporary songs in a moodier direction, as seen on her most useful new pop single “My future.” in response to Eilish, she wrote and recorded the music in exactly two days: “For me, I’m sure you be aware of, I lift f*cking perpetually to get a vocal take that i love, and that i do like one billion takes. And this one… I simply, I don’t recognize, there was anything about this one remove that I did, and that i turned into like, ‘here is the handiest means that it can be.’”

It’s been three years for the reason that Sam smith released their sophomore anthology the excitement Of all of it however previous this yr, the singer ushered in a brand new era with the Demi Lovato collaboration “I’m able.” artisan has now lower back as soon as once again, this time tapping accompanist Burna Boy for the slow-afire tune “My haven.”

Jorja artisan is again after adding her personal circuit on the jazz basic “Rose crimson” remaining month, and this time it’s for an additional compilation checklist. In a press release about “by using Any skill,” smith says the song is a beef canticle: “The concept at the back of ‘via Any ability’ basically got here from activity to the black Lives remember protest and abrogation considering, what can i do to hold this conversation activity? It’s not just a submit on social media, it’s life.”

Dominic Fike shared his extremely-anticipated debut checklist What could might be Go outrageous this anniversary and with it got here the earworm “cancel Me.” A tongue-in-audacity appraisal of abolish tradition, Fike sings that he hopes the cyber web will are attempting to abolish him so that he can devote extra time to his household.

after her EP crack of dawn debuted back in April, Mxmtoon is now ushering the trouble’s counterpart, nightfall. “once we believe of dusk, we regularly affiliate it to the ‘conclusion’ of some thing,” Mxmtoon wrote alongside “Bon Iver,” which introduced the upcoming vps windows. “The ‘Bon Iver’ track video is intended to adverse that inspiration, and to atom thought over the percentages that are forward in its place. A day does not simply conclusion back the sun goes bottomward, you proceed to discover wonder and pleasure regardless of the dark, and an entire different apple awaits you because the moon glides overhead.”